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Organic fertilizer machine with production

Organic fertilizer machine to be designed for producing the organic fertilizer.What related fertilizer machine to be equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing process?The products produced by the organic fertilizer production equipment are made of fresh chicken,cow dung and pig dung,which do not contain any chemical components.However,due to the poor digestion of chicken,pig,and cow dung,only 25% of the nutritional components can be consumed,while the other 75% of the nutritional components in the feed are discharged with the feces,so that the dried products contain nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,organic matter,amino acids,protein and other components.
The related products in the fertilizer manufacturing process:
Chain crusher machine:
LP series chain crusher is applicable to the crushing of massive materials in the production of compound fertilizer,and is also widely used in chemical industry,building materials,mining and other industries.LP series chain crusher adopts high-strength wear-resistant hard alloy chain plate with synchronous speed in the crushing process.The design of the import and export of materials is reasonable,the crushed materials are uniform,not easy yo stick to the wall,and easy yo clean.
Rotary sieve:
Drum screener is a common equipment in the production of compound fertilizer.It is mainly used for the separation of finished products and returned materials.It can also realize the classification of finished products and make them evenly classified.It is easy to maintain and replace.The machine is simple in structure,convenient in operation and stable in operation.
fertilizer granulator machine
Cage crusher:
Cage crusher is a medium-sized horizontal cage crusher machine.It can crush all kinds of single chemical fertilizer with water content less than 6% especially for material with high hardness.The utility model has the advantages of simple and compact structure,small floor area,convenient maintenance,good crushing effect,stable operation and easy cleaning,and is the key to the hard granular materials such as monoammonium,diammonium,urea,etc.
Roller press granulator:
For roll extrusion granulator,it is produced by non drying and normal temperature process,with one-time forming,output of 1-1.5t/h and 1.5-3t/h.The layout of complete equipment is compact,scientific and reasonable,and the technology is advanced.Engery sving and consumption reduction,no discharge of three wastes,stable operation,reliable operation and convenient maintenance.Wide adaptability of raw materials,suitable for granulation of various raw materials such as compound fertilizer,medicine,chemical industry,feed etc. with high granulation rate.It can produce various concentrations,including organic fertilizer,inorganic fertilizer,biological fertilizer,magnerized fertilizer and other compound fertilizer.
Half wet material crusher machine
Semi wet material crusher,high wet material crusher,widely used in bio organic fermentation composting,municipal waste composting,grass peat,rural straw waste,industrial organic waste,livestock manure and other bio fermentation high material crushing equipment.The machine can crush high wet materials with 25%-55%,with strong crushing granularity,which can meet the granulation requirements.
New type organic fertilizer granulator:
This type fertilizer granulator machine is widely used in the granulation of organic fertilizer.Application scope:the new type of organic fertilizer granulator is suitable for the granulation of muncipal solid waste organic fermentation fertilizer,such as urine,compost fertilizer,green fertilizer,sea fertilizer,cake fertilizer,peat fertilizer,soil fertilizer,three wastes,microorganism,etc.It is suitable for many different formulations.The compound organic fertilizer is directly granulated is directly after fermentation,which saves the drying process and greatly reduces the manufacturing cost.