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About the chemical fertilizer

Organic fertilizer or inorganic compound fertilizer can be produced by using the fertilizer technology which in the line it is equipped with different type and series organic fertilizer machine or inorganic fertilizer machine to finish the production process.There we share the chemical information with you.
What is the chemical fertilizer?A chemical fertilizer containing one or more nutrients needed for the growth of a crop.Abbreviation of chemical fertilizer.A chemical fertilizer containing only one nutrient element that can be indicated is called unit fertilizer,such as nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium,minor major,elemnt fertilizer and trace element fertilizer.The chemical fertilizer containing two or three of the three nutrient elements of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium and indicating its content is called compound fertilizer or mixed fertilizer.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with the fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine to deal with the raw materials,and then it is also to be equipped with the fertilizer granulator machine to make fertilizer into granulator.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,every series fertilizer machine play the different role to finish the production process.
Large amount of chemical fertilizer can easily make the nitrate content in vegetables exceed the standard,and the combination of nitrite and amines can form N--nitrso compounds which are strong carcinogens.It is also easy to cause a large number of deaths of benefical bacterial and earthworms in the soil.Long term application of chemical fertilizer can accelerate soil acidification,accelerate leaching of Ca and Mg from cultivation layer,and reduce the saturation of base soil fertility.
The application of organic fertilizer can increase soil organic matter,soil microorganism,improve soil structure,increase the absorption capacity f soil,and increase the adsorption capacity of soil colloid to toxic substances such as heavy metals.According to the actual situation,the legume green manure can be popularized and planted in the form of introducing grass into the field,rotation of grass field,strip intercropping of grain and grass economic crops and stubble  fertilizer field.
roller press granulatorrotary drum granulator
We are as the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers of producing all types of fertilizer machine,our main products mainly included the fertilizer granulator machine,like the roller press granulator which usually to be used in the compound fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the production process.