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Composting fertilizer and organic fertilizer to be produced

 Many organic fertilizer to be used in the farming and to be made by using the organic fertilizer machine. In the process of organic fertilizer making, the organic matter to be fermented for sometime. By using the fermentation  composter turning machine to ferment the organic matter can kill the bacterial in the organic matter. The raw material can be the chicken manure or other manure that contains many organic matter. There we share more about why we composting the raw materials.
Composting is actually a form of waste stabilization, but it needs special humidity, aeration conditions and microorganisms to produce suitable temperature. It is generally believed that this temperature is higher than 45 ℃,and keeping this high temperature can inactive pathogenic bacteria and kill weed seeds. After reasonable composting, the decomposition rate of residual organic matter is low, relatively stable and easy to absorbed by plants.  The odor can be greatly reduced  after composting.
There are many different kinds of microorganisms involved in the composting process. In the  fertilizer manufacturing process, using the composting turner machine to ferment the raw materials. Due to change of raw materials and conditions ,the number of various microorganisms is also constantly changing, so no microorganisms has always been dominant  in the composting process. Each environment has its own specific microbial community, and the diversity of microorganisms process. The composting process mainly depends on the role of microorganisms ,which are the main body  of composting fermentation. There are two sources of microorganisms involved in composting :one is a large number of original microorganisms in organic waste; the other is microbial inoculants added manually. Under certain conditions, these strains have strong decomposition ability for some organic waste; strong activity, rapid propagation, rapid decomposition of organic matters and other  characteristics , which can accelerate the process of composting reaction and shorten the time of composting reaction.   
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Composting is generally divided into aerobic composting and anaerobic composting. Aerobic composting is the decomposition process of organic materials under aerobic conditions, and its metabolites are mainly carbon dioxide, water and heat; anaerobic composting is the decomposition process of organic materials under anaerobic conditions, and the final metabolites of anaerobic decomposition are methane, carbon dioxide and many low molecular weight intermediates, such as organic acids.           
The main microbial species involved in the composting process are bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes. All the three kinds of microorganisms have mesophilic bacteria and thermophilic bacteria.          
In the process of composting, the microbial population changes with the change of temperature as follows: the low and medium temperature bacteria groups are mainly transformed into the medium and high temperature bacteria groups, and the medium and high temperature bacteria groups are mainly transformed into the medium and low temperature bacteria groups. With the extension of composting time, bacteria decreased, actinomycetes increased, mold and yeast decreased significantly at the end of composting.
We are as the professional fertilizer manufacturer of producing the organic fertilizer machine and organic fertilizer production line,  besides producing the composting fertilizer, we also designed the fertilizer granulator machine to make organic fertilizer into organic fertilizer granulator. For example,the rotary drum granulator machine besides to be used in the npk fertilizer manufacturing process,it also can be used in organic fertilizer production line.