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The fertilizer effect of the phosphate fertilizer

In the npk fertilizer manufacturing process,the material main is the nitrogen  fertilizer and phosphate fertilizer.In the fertilizer manufacturing process.when producing the fertilizer into granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine.In the npk fertilizer production line making the fertilizer using fertilizer machine is higher efficient and higher and the raw materials of producing the fertilizer is different.In this article,we share the production line of the fertilizer effect of the phosphate.
Phosphate fertilizer it is called phosphorus fertilizer.Fertilizer with phosphorus as the main nutrient.The size and speed of the fertilizer effect are determined by the effective phosphorus pentoxide content,soil  properties,fertilizer application methods,and crop types.According to the source can be dilived into:
(1)Natural phosphate fertilizer,such as sea bird droppings.animal bone and fish bone meal;
(2)Chemical phosphate fertilizer,such as superphosphate.calcium mangesium phosphate fertilizer etc.Phosphate fertilizer is a fertilizer containing phosphporus,a nutrient element of crops.produced from phosphate rock.Phosphorus is a component of th cell's protoplasm in plants,and plays an important role in cell growth and proliferation.phosphate fertilizers such as ammonium phosphate and heavy superphosphate.The grade of the effective components of phosphate fertilizer is expressed by the mass fraction of phosphorus pentoxide.In the npk fertilizer manufacturing process,when producing the fertilizer granulator,we can use the roller press granulator macahine to finish the granulating process.
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