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The npk fertilizer production process

Building a project of making the npk fertilizer is important to the producing of the npk fertilizer.Producing the organic fertilizer granulator we can use the organic fertilizer production line,and the fertilizer machine engineers also designed the npk fertilizer production line to make the npk fertilizer.So how to build the npk fertilizer production process?
The chemical fertilizer industry is one of the fastest growwing industries in the world.With the development of science and technology ,the development of related disciplines,the change of market demend,and the ecological balance and regulation of nature,the research and progress of chemical fertilizer industry technology also have higher requirements.Compoumd fertilizer refers to any two fertilizers containing at least three components of nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium.The production process is more complicated than that of  basic fertilizer.At present,the compound and specialization of fertilizer has become the development trend and direction of fertilizer industry.Special compounding an important role in improving crop yield and quality.There are many production methods of compound fertilizer,which are mainly selected according to ingredient systemand some actual situations.At present,the common production process of compound fertilizer include pelletization,slurry,melt granulation,blending,extrusion,coating granulation,etc.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,making the organic fertilizer or npk compound fertilizer it all to use the fertilizer machines and the fertilizer manufacturing technology to make the fertilizer.Using semi-automatic making technology is not improve the working efficient,it also improve the producing efficient.In the npk fertilizer production line,it mainly included these fertilizer machines that the fertilizer granulator machine,fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer screener machine and coating machine and so on.Every fertilizer machine series have different type andifferent model for organic fertilizer granulator or npk,compound fertilizer.
npk fertilizer production
In the npk fertilizer production process,the it is first to use the fertilizer crusher machine to crush the raw materials using the half wet material crusher machine,and then using the fertilizer mixer machine to mix the raw material that included the npk with other raw materials.The fertilizer mixer machine we can choose the vertical disc mixer machine,and after mixing,we can use the fertilizer granulator machine to make the granulator.The fertilizer granulator machine to be used to make the npk fertilizer granulator,we can choose the roller press granulator machine to make the compound fertilizer granulator using the roller press making granulator method.Finishing granulating,we use thee drum screener machine to separate the quality fertilizer granulator from the inquality fertilizer granulator.And put the quality fertilizer granulator into the coating machine to be coated and those inqulity fertilizer granulator into the fertilizer crusher machine to be crushed again and making the granulator again.Finally,packing them using thee automatic packing machine.
We are as the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only design and procuce the fertilizer machines,we also design the different type fertilizer production lines for different type fertilizer producers.Like the bio fertilizer production line is designed for producing the bioorganic fertilizer granulator.Building any one fertilizer production line is also a large project,we need to make the ready for the producing.Any fertilizer machins or fertilizer production lines design problems you can leave a message for us,and we will supply some professional answer for you.