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The production of the humic acid compound fertilizer

We all know that using the fertilizer manufacturing technology to make the organic fertilizer or inorganic fertilizer.But the fertilizer type is complex and how we to make the humic acid compound fertilizer using the fertilizer manufacturing technology.What type fertilizer macines to be equipped in the fertilizer manufacturing process for producing the humic acid compound fertilizer ?
The humic acid compound fertilizer is a kind of compound fertilizer made by  crushing humic acid,inorganic fertilizer and microelement fertilizer respectively according to the supply of soil nutrients and crop,and mixing and granulating according to a certain proportion.
Properties:gray black shaped particles,partially dissolved in water solution close to neutral,non-toxic.It can improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer,stimulate the growth of plants and improve the properties of soil.
Some pictures of the fertilizer production lines supply for you:
npk fertilizer production
Production method:take peat,lignite and weathered coal as raw materials,first use sulfuric acid to carry out acidification reaction with humic acid in weathered coal to produce free humic acid and calcium sulfate with small solubility,then use ammonium bicarbonate to neutralize humic acid to produce water-soluble humic acid ammonia,add proper amount of nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and medium and micro elements according to the ratio requirements,and then using the fertilizer crusher machine o crush,measure,mix using the fertilizer mixer machine and granulate using the suitable type fertilizer granulator machine,after that,using the fertilizer screener machine to separate the quality fertilizer granulator from the inquality fertilizer granulator,throug drying,cooling and packing to produce the humic acid compound fertilizer.
The video show the organic fertilizer manufacturing process:

Application method:humic acidgranular fertilizer is suitable for crops with long growth peeriod,such as soybean,corn,potato,beet and other crops,which can play a more effective role.Continuous application in the same plot for many years,the effects is more significant,and it has the effect of improving the soil in the poor plot.It can repalce 25%-30% of chemical fertilizer when mixed with chemical fertilizer.Humic acid granular fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer and seed fertilizer,not as top dressing.When it is used as seed fertilizer,it can be mixed with chemical fertilizer,which this type fertilizer can be produced in the npk,compound fertilizer production line,evenly and then applied in layers and depth together;in addition,it can be mixed with organic fertilizer,biological fertilizer and chemical fertilizer.
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