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What it is the new type fertilizer?


 New type organic fertilizer is a new type fertilizer that to be produced and to be ddesigned by different materials.What it is the new type organic fertilizer?How to produce it by using the organic fertilizer machine?The so called new fertilizer shopuld be different from traditional and conventional fertilizers.The key to the difference between new fertilizers and conventional fertilizer is the world “new”,and "old" of a thing change over time.In other words,the new type of fertilizers may become conventional fertilizers soon.And now the regular fertilizers is also stabilized by the new fertilizer of that year of application.
The efficiency of the new fertilizer is:it can directly or indirectly provide necesary nutrients to crops,adjust soil PH,improve soil structure,improve soil physical and chemical properties and biological properties;adjust or improve the growth mechanism of crops;improve the quality and properties of fertilizers or can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.The human demand for food and agricultural products has increased.Only by accelerating the development of agriculture.With the increase of population,human demand for food  and agricultural products has increased. Only by accelerating the development rate of new fertilizers can agricultural production be guaranteed along the lines of high yield, high quality, low consumption and high efficiency. Direction.
In the fertilizer manufacturing process,using all types of fertilizer machine to finish the new type organic fertilizer production.When producing the fertilizer into granulator,the fetilizer granulator machine is the main organic fertilizer machine.In organic fertilizer production line,using the rotary drum granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer granulator.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,making new type organic fertilizer granulator,we also can use this type fertilizer granulator machine to finish the production process.And the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine also can be used to produce the new type organic fertilizer granulator.
The efficiency of the new type organic fertilizer.With the furthur development of agricultural production,higher requirement are placed on the nutrient content of new fertilizers.High concentrations not only effectively meet crop needs,but also save time,labor and improve work efficiency.
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Compounding.Agricultural production requires new fertilizer to have multiple effects to meet the needs of crop growttgh.Compound fertilizers containing trace elements,and new types of fertilizers containing pesticides,hormones,herbicides,etc.are increasingly on the market.3.Long term effect.With the development of modern agriculture,higher requirements have been placed on the efficiency and effective period of fertilizers.Fertilizers must meet the needs of crops according to their different needs.