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The development of the organic fertilizer

 Organic fertilizer contain many organic matter and the using in the farming industries is widely.And the organic fertilizer is also continuous development.The prroduction of the organic fertilizer is also continuous make great process.In organic fertilizer manufacturing process,more and more organic fertilizer machine to be designed and equipped in organic fertilizer production line to make organic fertilizer granulator.
Organic fertilizers are rich in organic substances and nutrients needed for crop growth.Not only can they provide nutrients for crop growth and improve soil,but they can also improve crop quality,increase crop yield,promote high and stable crop yields,maintain soil fertility,and improve fertilizers.Utilization,reducing production costs.The full and reasonable use of organicc fertilizers can increase crop yield,fertility,improve the quality of agricultural products,and increase the effectivness of soil nutrients.
In organic fertilizer manufacturing process,using all types of organic fertilizer machine to make organic fertilizer granulator.Taking the chichen manure organic fertilizer granulator as an example.When using chicken manure to make organic fertilizer,we are first to ferment the chicken manure of the raw materials for sometime.And then using the fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine to deal with the raw materials,next to use the fertilizer granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer granulator.In organic fertilizer production line,we can use the rotary drum granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer granulator or other type fertilizer granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer granulator,after granulating,using the fertilizer dryer machine,fertilizer cooler machine and other type fertilizer machine to deal with the fertilizer granulator.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
Promote the application of organic fertilizers,meet the requirements of "accelerating the construction of a resource saving and environment-friendly society",promote the harmonious and friendly development of agricultural and resources,agriculture andd the environment,and people and nature,promote the dafe and clean production of agricultural product at the source,and product the ecology.The environment is important.With the improvement of people's living standards,residents' demand for safe,hygienic and pollution-free organic and green foods is constantly increasing,and farmers are urgently required to apply organic fertilizers to imoprove the market competitiveness of agricultural products.In the fertilizer manufacturing process,using the organic fertilizer maachine and other series fertilizer equipent to finish the fertilizer production process not only improve the producing efficient,it also saves more time to finish the production process.