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Main purpose of producing organic fertilizer double roller granulator


The main purposes of producing organic fertilizer from feces with a pair of double roller granulators can be summarized in four aspects:

1 Stabilization: through centralized aerobic composting and large-scale treatment, the organic matter in the feces can be degraded to achieve the purpose of stabilization and avoid secondary environmental pollution caused by material mildew and odor.

2 It is harmless. It kills parasite eggs and pathogenic microorganisms through disinfection to prevent infectious diseases from spreading on the land and promote food safety production.

3 Utilize resources to realize the recycling of manure, turn harm into benefit, turn waste into treasure, and provide a large amount of high-quality fertilizer for the development of organic agriculture.

4 Industrialization will establish a new economic growth point for pig farms. Through large-scale and mechanized production of organic fertilizer plants, manure composting will be further processed into powder or granular commercial organic fertilizer

This is why the double roller granulator not only saves energy and environmental protection, but also fully reflects the green nature of organic fertilizer. The efficiency of organic fertilizer is obvious.