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Fertilizer granulator for wet granulation of organic fertilizer

Huaqiang heavy industry produces wet fertilizer granulation machine: disc granulator, drum granulator, organic fertilizer wet granulator and new two in one granulator. The main difference between these kinds of fertilizer granulators lies in the different raw materials and methods.

The moisture in wet granulation is the key factor to form the liquid bridge between the original particles. The pre wetting of powder before agglomeration is helpful to the formation of micronuclei and the quality of granulation. However, the amount of water added in different powder materials and granulation methods is also different, which is generally determined by experiments.
Fertilizer granulator for wet granulation of organic fertilizer
The new two in one organic fertilizer granulator is specially used for the granulation of organic fertilizer. The new two in one organic fertilizer granulator utilizes the high-speed rotating mechanical stirring force and the resulting aerodynamic force to continuously realize the mixing, granulation, spheroidization and densification of fine powder materials in the machine, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation. The particle shape is spherical, the sphericity is ≥ 0.7, the particle size is generally between 0.3-3 mm, and the granulation rate is ≥ 90%. The size of the particle diameter can be properly adjusted by the material mixing amount and the spindle speed. Generally, the lower the mixing amount, the higher the rotational speed, the smaller the particles, and vice versa.

Application scope: This organic fertilizer granulation machine is especially suitable for granulation of light and fine powder materials. The finer the basic particles of fine powder materials are, the higher the sphericity of particles is, and the better the quality of pellets is. Typical application materials: chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, charcoal, clay, kaolin, etc.