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Causes of blockage of the double roller granulator

Blocking machine is a common fault in the production of fertilizer granulation machine. When blocking the machine, a layer of hard and thick material is accumulated between the mold rollers, so the press roller can not squeeze out the material, and the double roller granulator can not rotate. Blocking machine not only affects the production speed, but also affects the life of granulation equipment. The main causes of blocking are as follows:
Causes of blockage of the double roller granulator
1. Influence of die roll clearance
The gap between die rollers is too large, which makes the material layer between mold rollers too thick and uneven, and the pressure roller is easy to slip. Once the extrusion force of the die roller to the material is less than the resistance of the die hole inner wall to the material, the material can not be squeezed out, resulting in blocking. In order to reduce the blocking of the machine, it is necessary to adjust the die roll clearance in the production. It is better to adjust the press roll and the ring die as if they are not dependent on each other or turn around.

2. Effect of raw material moisture
The ideal factors of production conditions in the production process of organic fertilizer granulation machine are as follows: the moisture content of raw materials is suitable, the steam quality is good, and there is sufficient time for conditioning. The proper use of dry saturated steam granulation can effectively improve the output of dry roller granulator and the quality of granular materials.

3. Influence of conditioning effect
In order to meet the competitive demand of the market, it is necessary to ensure its good quality. Before granulation, the effect of material conditioning is very important, because it directly affects the output and particle quality of dry process roller granulator, especially the water stability of special aquatic bait is an important index.