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What kind of fertilizer equipment do you need?

The fertilizer equipment play an important role in the process of producing the fertilizer.In the era of organic planting, it is important for the fertilizer investment to choose a suitable fertilizer equipment.Today,we can know some differrent concept of the organic fertilizer,to know the under different producing  environment  how to choose the fertilizer equipment.
Livestock and poultry manure contain a large amount of amino acids and organic matter,as well as nutrients such as nitrogen,phosphorus and potassium required for plant growth.These nutrients can improve the prysical and chemical properties of the soil,activate the soil and greatly improve the continuous production capacity of the soil.These nutrients are a good way to improve the soil compared to the soil degradation caused by the large-scale application of fertilizers in the past for the one-sided pursuit of prodiction.Nowdays,The requirements for foods such as vegetables and fruits are added with organic lables.The demand for organic foods is increasing.The organic fertilizer produced from livestock and poultry manure have a lot of use.Organic fertilizer production equipment processing and production of organic fertilizer has become a new investment hotspot.Now,we will make some simple introducation in the factors of influencing the fertilizer choice.
1.The organic fertilizer raw material:
According to the different sources and the technologes of the raw material,we can classify the fertilizer as the compost,manure,biogaaas,green manure,straw fertilizer and other organic fertilizers.Composting refers to an organic fertilizer that is produced by mixing crops such as crop straw,cultured excrement and animal carcasses,rice husks and grasses,and a small amount of soil.Different from ccompost,manure is the organic fertilizer produced by fermentation under flooding conditions,and the raw materialsused are the same as those of compost.The raw materials used in the manure are the livestock manure and the litter in the pen house,and the fertilizer made from the pile.The source of biogas fertilizer raw materials is consistent with compost.The process is anaerobic fermentation to produce biogas,and the remaining biogas slurry  and residue are by-products of biogas production.Green manure uses green plants as a fertilizer.The raw materials of straw fertilizer include crops such as corn and rice.Under suitable conditions,the elements in the straw are mineralized back into the soil through the action of soil microorganisms,and are reused for crops.There are other organic fertilizers such as cakes,sludge,etc,which can be processed into organic fertilizers through organic fertilizer production equipment.
2.The organic fertilizer equipment:
1)Fertilizer granulator machines series:In the whole fertilizer production line,the fertilizer granulator machine plays an important role in the process.The organic fertilizer granules are used to bond organic fertilizer raw materials togeether to form finished granules by using water as a binder,and the amount of water added directly affects production efficiency.Theoretically speaking,in the mixer mixing process in front of the organic fertilzer granulator,the amount of water added is small,the viscosity of the powder is small,and the produced granules are also very small;on the contrary,the amount added is large and the powder is added.The viscosity is large and the particles produced are also very large.Of course,this also leaves us a lot of choices.We can choose the appropriate particle size of organic fertilizer to meet the needs of the market.
2)Composting fermentation turner:Since the fermentation cycle of organic fertilizer raw materials is relatively long,it is extremely important to select suitable composting fermentation equipment and organic fertilizer starter.The selected configuration is resonable,and the fermentation effect is better,the fermentation cycle is shortened,and the production efficiency is improved.For example,the two most common fermentation methods,strip type and trough type, are also divided into self-propelled turners and trough turners. The former has a large area and a long production cycle, but the equipment is simple, the process is relatively simple, and it does not involve civil works. The cost is low, and it is suitable for farms with small-scale farming and certain land for composting. Trench fermentation requires the construction of a special fermentation tank for the fermentation turner. This method is more efficient in the field than the former. Because the thicker fertiliser layer is more conducive to the fermentation of organic fertilizer raw materials, the fermentation cycle is relatively high. Shorter, improving overall productivity.