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Double roller granulator for high yield and low consumption compound fertilizer

Double roller granulator is a new dry granulation process for compound fertilizer production. No drying and normal temperature process is adopted for production. Once molding, the powdery materials with water content less than 15% are compressed into pieces. After crushing, pelleting and screening, the flake materials become granular materials meeting the requirements of use.
Double roller granulator for high yield and low consumption compound fertilizer
The process features of double roller granulator are as follows

1. It has advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, novel and practical;
2. Low energy consumption, matching with the corresponding equipment to form a small production line, can form a certain capacity of continuous and mechanized production;
3. Using eugenics formula, no need to dry, the product is produced at room temperature, and the product quality can meet the requirements of compound fertilizer technical index;
4. The fertilizer granulation machine is used to produce high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizer for various crops, and is a new generation product for energy saving and consumption reduction in compound fertilizer industry.

It is suitable for granulation of various raw materials, such as compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, feed, etc., with high granulation rate; it can produce compound fertilizer of various concentrations and types (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, biological fertilizer, magnetized fertilizer, etc.), especially the granulation of rare earth, potassium fertilizer and carbamate series compound fertilizer. Production of a variety of specifications (more specifications, can be customized).