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The difference of organic fertilizer equipment and inorganic fertilizer equipment

We can use the fertilizer manufacturing technology to produce the organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer.In the fertilizer manufacturing process to produce the organic or inorganic fertilizer granulator,it is equipped with the different fertilizer machines.There we share more about the difference of the organic fertilizer machines and inorganic fertilizer machines.
The internal quality of organic fertilizer mainly depends on the formula of fermentation part and product.The key factors of fermentation part include:microorganisms,carbon nitrogen ratio,carbon phosphorus ratio,water content,ph vaule,aeration control.If one of the factors is not well controlled,it will affect the fermentation,either not fermenting,not fermenting completely or fermeting for a long time.Its organic-inorganic compound formula and inorganic fertilizer,the cost is also low,the living environment of plants can be improved,and the fertilizer is green.Organic fertilizer machine and inorganic fertilizer machine are different,organic fertilizer machine is mainly divided into two parts,fermentation part and production granulation part.There is also a big difference between the granulation part and the inorganic fertilizer part.Because the organic raw materaisl are different from the inorganic raw materials,the production of the inorganic raw materaisl can be mainly based on the formula of the raw materails.If the formula is proper,the operation is skilled,the pelletilization rate id high,and the production is relatively easy.However,the granulation of the organic fertilizer raw materials is difficult even if the fermentation is relatively good,because the characteristics of the organic raw materials.This is because the raw materais are light,rough and low binding rate.All kinds of organic raw materials have different characteristics.Therefore,when selecting the equipment,special care should be taken,otherwise,not only the output will be affected,but also the appearance of the product will not be beautiful.Several points should be paid attention to when selecting equipment: annual output,which organic raw materials,which fermentation mode and mechanization degree are the key factors of the equipment.
fertilizer granulator machine
Besides these differences in the fertilizer manufacturing process in the organic fertilizer machine or inorganic fertilizer machines,we can take the fertilizer granulator machine to illstrulate the problem.As the fertilizer machine manufacturers,we according to the raw materials are different to be used in producing the organic or inorganic fertilizer granulator,they designed the different type fertilizer granulator equipment.In the organic fertilizer production line,we can use the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine to produce the organic fertilizer granualtor,sometimes in the npk fertilizer production it usually equipped with the rotary drum granulator machine to produce the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.The rotary drum granulator not only can be used in the npk fertilizer production line,it also can be used in the organic fertilizer production process to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.
The video of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process:

Sometimes,when we producing the fertilizer into granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is the factor equipment in a complete fertilizer production line.Different type fertilizer granualtor equipment are also designed for producing the fertilizer granulator,besides thee new type organic fertilizer granulator,rotary drum granulator machine and so on.There are also the flat die granulator machine,roller press granulator machine and so on.Zhengzhou Heavy Industry Industry Technology CO.LTD is the professional fertilizer machine producing company.We have been produce the fertilizer machine and fertilizer production line for many years.Any questions you can leave a message for us,we will apply to you as soon as possible.