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Chicken manure organic fertilizer machine

In the chicken farm,if the chicken manure cannot be dealt with the suitable method it will be resulted in the pollution.Well,in the chicken manure,it contains a large of organic materials,we can use the fertilizer manufacturing technology to deal with the chicken manure and make them into the organic fertilizer raw materials.So what methods can be used to deal with the raw mateials?The manure organic fertilizer machine are designed for dealing with the raw mateials.
Seversl methods of chicken manure treatment in farm
1.Compost fermentation:Chicken manure fermented by composting is a good fertilizer for grapes,watermelon,fruit trees and vegetables.Choose a place with good ventilation and high terratin,preferably far away from the residential area and downwind of more than 500 meters from the chicken house,pile up cleaned chicken manure with bedding,and seal with mud outside.Generally 10 days in summer and 2 moths in winter.This method can not completely deodorize.The composting fermentation method is the common method of fermening raw materials.The fertilizer machine to be used fermenting the raw materials are also designed.Like the simple compost turning machine to be used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.
Fermentation feed method:Adding a small amount of wheat bran,cake,fermentation bacteria and other auxiliary materials to fresh pure chicken manure and then through the fermentation process and equipment treatment,it can completely change the nutritional value of its feed,and become a good protein source,equivalent to detoxified cotton cake and detoxified rapeseed cake,replacing part of soybean meal,preparing compound feed,with signigicant economic benefits.This method not only can throughly dedorize,but also has good palatability.
Dried(or air dried)and crushed for feed
Spred out the fresh chicken manure in the plastic shed for drying.The thickness of the manure layer is less than 15cm.Stir it with a nail rake and below it with a high-speed blower.After the chicken manure is dried in the sun,it is crushed and processed in to pellet feed,which can be fed to cattle,sheep and polutry.Generally,the added amount is not more than 10%.The method cannot dedorize,and the animal palatability is poor.
fertilizer granulator machine
Dried(or air dried)and  crushed for fertilizer
Dry the fresh chicken manure with the chicken manure drying equipment(because the fresh chicken manure has strong viscosity,a large number of dispersing auxiliary materials need to be added).After the chicken manure is dried and crushed,it can also be processed into granular fertilizer,which we can use the fertilizer granulator machine to produce the fertilizer granulator.In different type fertilizer production line it is equipped with different type fertilizer granulator equipment.For example,in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it is equipped with the new type organic fertilizer granulator machine.And in the npk fertilizer production line,it is equipped with the rotary drum granulator machine to produce the npk,compound fertilizer granulator.
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