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The compound fertilizer manufacturing process

Using the automatic or semi-automatic fertilizer machine to produce the organic or compound fertilizer granulator not only can be improve the working efficient it also can improves the usage rate of the raw materials.Designing a complete fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer to finish the fertilizer manufacturing process.There share the compound fertilizer production process.
The process flow of compound fertilizer production line can be generally divided into:component mixing,component granulation,particle cooling,particle classification,final product packaging of finished coating.
Production function:
The organic fertilizer machine to be used has the advantages of less investment,fast speed and superior economy.The complete design of equipment process is compact,scientic,reasonable and advanced.What's more,engery saving,no waste emission,stable operation,reliable operation and convenient maintenance.It is suitable for pelletilizing compound fertilizer,medicine,chemical industry,animal feed and other raw materials with high pelletilizing rate.
It can produce a variety of concentrations and types of compound fertilizer(including organic fertilizer,inorganic fertilizer,biological fertilizer,magnetized fertilizer,etc.)

Production process of the compound fertilizer:
1.Raw materials;urea,ammonium nitrate,ammonium choride,ammonium sulfate,ammonium phosphate(monoammonium phosphate,diammonium phosphate,calcium)potassium choride(potassium sulfate)and other fixed proportion raw materials(market)according to the demand and soil test result of all places.)
2.Mixing ingredients:evenly shake the prepared ingredients to increase the uniform fertilizer content of the whole fertilizer particle.
3.Raw materials granulation:send the evenly stirred raw materials to the fertilizer granulator machine for granulation(rotary drum granulator or extrusion granulator).
4.Particle drying:the particles produced by the granulator are sent to the dryer to dry the moisture contained in the particles,increase the resistance of the particles and facilitate storage.
5.Particle cooling:the temperature of dried fertilizer particles is too high.After cooling,it is easy to flocculate and transport in bags.
6.Granulation classification:classificaion of cooling particles,micronization and regrinding of unqualified particles,and selection of qualified products.
7.Finished film:coating qualified products to increase particcle brightness and roundness.
8.After packaging,store the film coated particles(forexample,finished bags)in a well ventilated place.
compound fertilizer manufacturing process
The complete compound fertilizer production process around these process,in the line it is equipped with different type and series fertilizer machines to finish the compound fertilizer production.In the granulation process,we not only can use the rotary drum granulator machine to produce the compound fertilizer granulator.It also can use the roller press granulator machine to produce the granulator.More other type fertilizer granulator machine and different granulating method to produce the granulator.