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How to choose the organic fertilizer machine?

 When proucing the organic fertilizer granulator,we can use the organic fertilizer machine to finish the production process.Using the automatic fertilizer machine or semi-automatic fertilizer machine to make the organic fertilizer production line not only can improve the working efficient,it also improve the usage rate of the raw materials.How can we choose the suitable organic fertilizer machines?
Determine the size of organic fertilizer equipment:For example,how many tons per year or how many tons per hour,to determine the price.
To determine the shape of particles is to choose a granulator:powder,column,flat ball or standard garden.The commonly used equipment for organic fertilizer granulation are:disk granulator,rotary drum granulator,flat die granulator and roller press granulator machine,which this type machine using the extrusion method to finish the granulating process.The selection of granulation should be determined according to the local fertilizer sales market.The shape of particles is different,the equipment to be equipped in the line is also different,and the price of organic fertilizer equipment is also different.
fertilizer granulator machine
Determine the configuration of the organic fertilizer equipment:the configuration is different,the price of the organic fertilizer equipment is different,the amount of labor is different,and the stable and high-yield of the organic fertilizer equipment is also different.Generally,the high configuration needs to add some automatic batching device,automatic packing device,automatic quantitative feeding device,cyclone dust cyclone,water and dust removal.
Determine the type of production fertilizer.It is a compound fertilizer organic fertilizer equipment with the same output.Thee organic fertilizer equipment generally considers that the water content is high,the strain is not resistant to high temperature,and the model is generally larger than the compound fertilizer model.The general organic fertilizer types are divided into four types:pure organic fertilizer,organic-inorganic compound fertilizer,biological organic fertilizer,and compound microbial fertilizer.The varieties are different.There is a small difference in preparation.
Type selection of fermentation tipping machine:general fermentation forms are:strip and stack fermentation,shallow tank fermentation,deep tank fermentation,tower fermentation,rotary cylinder fermentation.Different fermentation modes make different fermentation organic fertilizer equipment.Generally,shallow tank tipping machines is most suitable for the principle of aerobic fermentation(advantages of shallow tank tipping machine:most in line with the principle of aerobic fermentaion,not easy to form anaerobic,full fermentation,fermentation speec.)
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