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How to buy organic fertilizer production equipment

Different organic fertilizer equipment uses different methods, manufacturing processes and products are also very different, according to the function and needs and then choose equipment. Some fertilizers are only made into powder, others into granules, different needs, different uses, different equipment. If we want to improve the quality of soil, then we can choose the new type organic fertilizer granulator, which specializes in the production of organic fertilizer, cheap and easy to operate. Here is how to purchase organic fertilizer production equipment through the application of organic fertilizer equipment.

Dewatering machine for solid-liquid separation equipment. The main raw material of organic fertilizer is animal manure, which usually needs pretreatment before composting fermentation. Many farms use water flushing to clean up their feces. So before composting, the solid-liquid separation was carried out with the fecal dewatering machine, and the composting raw materials were obtained.

Selection of the compost turner machine. The turner plays the role of crushing and stirring in composting, which affects the quality of composting. We need to choose the compost turner according to different fermentation methods. If it is stacking composting, windrow compost turning machine can be selected. If it is tank fermentation, groove turner machine can be selected. When the output is very large, double screws compost turning machine can be selected.
compost turner machinecompost turner machinedouble screws compost turner

The granulator is selected according to the shape of fertilizer granule and the production process. The granulator used in different production processes is different, and the shape of granules is different. Organic fertilizer granules can be cylindrical, oblate and spherical. Commonly used organic fertilizer granulation equipment are new type organic fertilizer granulator, drum granulator, disc granulator, flat die granulator, ring die granulator, double roller press granulator.
fertilizer granulator

Process and equipment configuration of
organic fertilizer production line. According to the process of organic fertilizer, the process can be dried and cooled, or can choose not to dry. The higher the precision of organic fertilizer processing, the higher the automation, the more input of organic fertilizer equipment.