The disc production line

The disc granulator production line is our main fertilizer production line and it is always used to produce the organic fertilizer.In the fertilizer production line including many fertilizer machine,and it can be divided into several parts.How the disc production line can take effect?And how work of the production line?The disc production line can produce the fertilizer 3 ton per hour,and it equipped with high output fertilizer machine.For example,the disc granulator,half-wet material crusher,drum screener machine,and drum fertilizer cooler and so on.
Disc production line:
1.Loader feeding hopper:The machine is a new combination of capacity and even feeding.The machine has material storage bin,anti caking device,discharging adjustment system and conveying device.The overall combination enables large volume storge of materials to be transpoted at a uniform speed and can be continuously worked,especially for engineering applications such as chemical fertilizers and aquaculture.The machine is mainly used for the mechanized feeding and transport of raw materials.The raw material can be continuously feed by a shovel to reduce the artifical fatigue.The middle of the silo has a pulverizing and feeding device.Firstly we need put the fertilizer put the lodder feed hopper and make the ready to produce.
 2.Half-wet material crusher:Usinf the fertilizer crusher to crush the material and make the material can be granulated easily.The half-wet material crusher is a professional pilverizing high humidity and multi-fiber materials.The half wet material crusher uses a high-speed roating blade to pulverize the fiber with good paarticle size,high efficiency and high engery.The half-wet crusher is mostly used in the production and processing of organic fertilizer and the smashing of production and processing of organic fertilizer,and the smashing of chicken manure,humic acid and other raw materials have a good effeect.The half-wet material grinder llows the moisture content of bio-ofermented organic fertilizer material reach to 25-50%.Its crushing granularity is able to reach the requirements of granulation,it also can be adjusted in a certain range according to the client's requirement.
3.Drum screener machine:After crushing the raw material,we need the screener machine to screen the quality material and the inquality material.The drum screener machine is a common equipment in the production of compoun fertilizer,which is used for the separation of finished products and reclaimed materials,and can also realize the classification of produts,so that the finished products cn be evenly classified.The machine adopts a combined screen for easy maintenance and replacement.It has the advantages of simple structure,convenient operation and smooth operation.
4.Disc granulator:When we chooes the quality materials,next we will enter to the most important step--granulating.We use the disc granulator machine to make the organic fertilizer of the shape is ball.And the fertilizer granulator of the disc is high efficiency,in the fertilizer production line it may produce 3 tons per hour.And the granular have the beautiful shape makine by the disc granulator fertilizer.
5.Drum dryer:After the grnulating the products still are wet,so we need to dry.Using the drum dryer to make the products dry,the drum dryer is a new generation of rotary drer.It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance,simple operation,low energy consumption,longseverice life,uniform drying,easy maintenance and so on.
6.Drum fertilizer cooler:After dryer the temperature is still high and if we wnt to improve the produce efficiency,it is wise choose to use the fertilizer cooler.The fertilizer can help you cool the products quickly.The drum cooler can graealy improve the cooling speed,further to remove part of water and reduces the fertilizer particle temperature.Because the main motor drives the belt and pulley and transform the engery to the driving shaft through reducer,then the counter gears installed on the driving shaft are drove to meet the large gear that installed on the machine bosy,so that these gears began to rotate to opposite directions to drive the body began to work.
7.Packing machine:The packing machine is the last process,using the automatic packing machine to pack the fertilizer granulator.It can save more time and more labor cost.

Video of 3 Tons disc granulaor production line