Rotary drum granulator fertilizer production line

The rotary drum granulator fertilizer production line is a fertilizer production line of producing the compound fertilizer.Processing the compound fertilizer including many processes.And in the rotary drum granulator fertilizer production line including many fertilizer machines.Rotary drum granulator fertilizer production line is a knod of fertilizer production line which uses 3-8 kind s of raw material mixing together.The rotary drum fertilizer production line is a kind have many advantages and the fertilizer production line is not only can produce the compound fertilizer,it also can produce the organic fertilizer.
The advantages of the rotary drum granulator production line:
1.This equipment has the less investment,good results and the great economic benefits.
2.Complete sets of equipment are compact,scientic and reasonable,and advanced in technology.
3.It can save engery and has no waste discharge,stable operation,reliable operation and convenient maintenance.
4.The material has wide adaptability and is suitable for granulation for granulation of all kinds of raw materials such as compound fertilizer,medicine,chemical industry,feed and so on,and the product has high granulation rate.
It can produce all kinds of concentration,multiple types compound fertilizer.In particular,it can produce rare-earth,potash and ammonium bicarbonate series compound fertilizer granulating.It fills the domestic blank and ranks the leading levell in China.
Process of the rotary drum granulator fertilizer production line:
Rotary drum granulator fertilizer production line treatment can be divided into three parts:fermentation pretreament ,crushing parts and granulation production.
Pretreament of fermentation
a)Stack fermentation(windrow compost turning machine)or fermentation tank fermentation(groove compost turning machine)in which mixed materials are put.
b)Fermentation heats,deodorizes,decomposes and kills germs.
c)Fermentation 7-15 days,according to different temperatures in different places,the number of heap turning is different.After full fermentation and decompostion,the material is shoveled out and crushed by crusher,which is convenient for subsequent granulation production.
d)Primary screening with screening machine(screened powder can be used as powdery organic fertilizer).
Crushing parts
After fermentation the raw material,using the crusher machine(chain crusher machine),in this fertilizer production line,it is high output and we can set a double shaft chain crusher can meet the needs of the high yield.
Granulation of rotary drum granulator production line
Mixing(double axis mxer machine)
The mixer machine is mainly used to mix all kinds of raw material.
Granulation(Rotary drum granulator)
The granulation methods in the fertilizer production line are very important,including disc granulator,new type organic fertilizer granulator,which have their own advantages and limitions.This papre introduce fertilizer production line based on the rotary drum granulator.
Rotary drum granulator
The rotary drum granulator machine is the main equipment in the fertilizer production line and the machine is a neew generation fertilizer granulator machine that our company designed to produce the organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer.Through a certain amount of water or steam,the basic fertilizer is fully chemically reacted in the cylinder after being humidified.In a certain liquid phase,the roating movement of the barrel is used to make the extrusion pressure of the material into the ball.
Drying(drer machine )
The moisture content of granules formed after granulation is too high and the strength is not up to the standard.Drying treatment must be carried out.
Rotary dryer machine :The heat source of the drum dryer comes from the burning device.Material enters the drum body from the inlet.Because of the action of gravity and rotation.The material is lifted repeatedly,carried to the upper end and then continuously sprayed down,which fully exchanges heat with the heat flow in the drum.
Cooling(rotary cooler)
After drying the raw material,the raw material enter into the cooler machine by the belt conveyor.The rotary cooler is also a rotary cylinder filled with shoveling plate.Under the action of shoveling plate,the granulated materials is lifted to exchanged heat with the cold air inhaled from the cylinder,and then cooled to near normal temperature,which further improves the particles strength and reduces moisture content.
Dedusting(cycclone dust room)
The cyclone dust collector is  a kind of dust removal device,which is mainly used for pre dust removal and separation and recovery of high concentration dust.For the coarse particles separated from above 5-10um,the purification rate is high.The diameter of the dust collector,the size of the air inlet,and the diameter of the exhaust pipe are the main influencing factors.
Hot stove
When the fertilizer production line is high yield,we will choose to twice dryer,and in the second dryer,the dryer machine will be equipped with a hot stove.The machine has the feature of high temperature,low pressure,accurate temperature control and high utilization of heat engery.
Screening(twice screening)
Using the drum screener machine to separate the quality fertilizer granulator and inquality granulator.The quality granulator enter the next  screener machine to be screened again and the granulator  wich meete the requirement of the process can enter the packing machine to be packed,and the inquality fertilizer granulator enter into the chain crusher machine to be crushed and then granulating again.
Packing(automatic packing machine)
Filling the bags and sealing.After package the fertilizer can be sold.