Process of small potassium sulfate double-roller extrusion granulation fertilizer production line

Equipment flow of small potassium sulfate double roller granulation fertilizer production line:

Potassium sulfate batching system, horizontal mixer, disc feeder, double roller granulator, drum screening machine, particle packaging machine.

Effect of small-sized potassium sulfate double roller granulation fertilizer production line
1. Proportioning system: potassium sulfate raw material is provided according to a certain proportion.
2. Raw material mixing: mix the prepared raw materials evenly to improve the overall uniform fertilizer efficiency content of fertilizer particles.
3. Disc feeder: the raw material of potassium sulfate is evenly transported to the fertilizer granulator to improve the production efficiency of the fertilizer production line and prevent the blockage of the fertilizer granulator.
4. Double roller granulator: the raw materials with even mixing are sent to the extrusion granulator for granulation
5. Screening machine: screen and grade the finished fertilizer.
6. Automatic weighing and packaging machine: quantitative bagging and packaging of finished products.