Chicken manure bio-organic fertilizer granulator

 The new type fertilizer granulation machine developed by our factory is a kind of chicken manure bio-organic fertilizer granulator. This granulator can make chicken manure, cow manure, straw and other wastes into organic fertilizer granules. It not only handles a large of wastes to avoid environmental pollution, but also realizes benefits.

Raw Material for Bio-Organic Fertilizer Granulator
1.Chicken manure and other poultry manure are the main raw materials.
2.Crop waste straw, soybean meal, cotton meal, leaves, rice husk.
3. Peat, lignite and organic fertilizer sludge.
4. Bean cake and other cake fats.
5 distiller's grains, vinegar grains, cassava residues and sugar residues.
raw material for chicken manure bio-organic fertilizer granulator

Chicken Manure Bio-Organic Fertilizer Granulator
Chicken manure bio-organic fertilizer granulator is specially used to granulate the organic matter after fermentation of chicken manure. Before granulation, without drying and crushing raw materials, spherical granules can be processed by direct ingredients, which can save a lot of energy. There is no need for binder in granulation, and the granules produced are spherical.

Characteristics of Bio-organic Fertilizer Granulator
a. The product granule is round ball.
b. Organic material particles can grow up under a certain force, no need to add binder when granulating.
c. After fermentation organics don't need to dry, moisture of the raw material can be in 20%-40%.
d.Simple machine structure, easy operation and maintenance.
e.Low power consumption, long service life.