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Organic fertilizer production line is to be designed and used to finish the organic fertilizer production process.And in the fertilizer manufacturing process,it is to be equipped with different type and series organic fertilizer machine which designed by the fertilizer machine manufacturers. But why we design the organic fertilizer machine?

The organic fertilizer machine not only deals with the problem of environmental pollution caused by manure,but also is the basic requirement of ecological agriculture.The agricultural organic fertilizer waste is harmless treated by bio organic fertilizer machine,and the design of the new organic fertilizer production line is more conducive to the harmless treatment.The organic fertilizer compost is decomposed and fermented.
rotary drum granulator

In addition to animal manure, wheat straw and corn straw mixed farmyard manure can also be added to the raw materials of organic fertilizer processing by using organic fertilizer machine. After harmless treatment by using organic fertilizer machine,microbial organic fertilizer fermentation agents is added to compost and fermentation,and the organic fertilizer granulation machine which it is to be produced by using the fertilizer granulator machine is used in agricultural industries.More and more organic fertilizer machine to be used not only in organic fertilizer production process,it also to be used in other series fertilizer manufacturing process.For example,the organic fertilizer granulator machine with the rotary drum granulator machine not only to be used in organic fertilizer production process,it also can be used in npk fertilizer production process to finish the organic fertilizer or npk,compound fertilizer production process.

The development of agriculture is inseparable from the organic fertilizer machine and even more inseparable from the support of organic fertilizer machine manufacturers.Organic fertilizer machine to deal with environmental pollution and use renewable resources to turn waste into treasure.The design of organic fertilizer production line gradually promotes the use of compost and chemical fertilizer,mainly compost,supplemented by chemical fertilizer,gradually reduces the amount of chemical fertilizer,and finally achieves the use of only compost,without or as far as possible reducing the use of chemical fertilizer.The special equipment of organic fertilizer promotes the recycling agriculture and green agriculture.The development of sustainable agriculture and ecological agriculture.