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What equipment is needed for the mixed fertilizer production line to process fertilizers


Blended fertilizer is a compound fertilizer made by mixing different types of fertilizers in a certain proportion, which can meet the needs of different crops for various nutrients. The following are common equipment in mixed fertilizer production lines:

Weighing system: used to accurately weigh various raw materials and ensure accurate mixing ratios. Weighing systems typically include weighing sensors, weighing platforms, and measurement control systems.

Grinding equipment: Grind some larger particles of raw materials for better mixing. Common grinding equipment includes jaw crushers, hammer crushers, etc.

Mixer: a device that mixes various raw materials evenly in a certain proportion. The types of mixers include spiral mixers, vertical mixers, etc.

Conveying equipment: equipment used to transport raw materials to a mixer or granulator, including belt conveyors, screw conveyors, etc.

Granulator: a device that compresses mixed raw materials into granules. The types of granulators include drum granulators, tablet presses, etc.

Drying equipment: Dry the granulated product to remove excess moisture. Common drying equipment includes rotary dryers, fluidized bed dryers, etc.

Cooling equipment: Cool the dried product to lower its temperature. Cooling equipment can be air-cooled cooling machines, water coolers, etc.

Screening equipment: Screen the mixed product to remove particles that do not meet the specifications. Common screening equipment includes drum vibrating screens, rotary vibrating screens, etc.

Packaging equipment: Packaging the produced mixed fertilizer, including automatic packaging machines, weighing packaging machines, etc.

Quality inspection equipment: equipment used for quality inspection of products, including composition analyzers, appearance inspection equipment, etc.

The BB fertilizer mixing and mixing equipment (mixing fertilizer production line) adopts forward and reverse operation, and uses a special inner spiral mechanism and a unique three-dimensional structure to mix and output materials. The equipment is designed with novelty and strong practicality. Its feeding system does not store materials, and the mixing system is evenly mixed. The electronic control system, manual, automatic, and composite settings are all characteristics that similar products do not have. This equipment has the characteristics of low price, small footprint, large output, and uniform mixing.