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The process of fertilizer production by a double roller granulator

 The double roller granulator is a special molding equipment designed by Zhengzhou Huaqiang Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. for powder or small granular materials. It is the key equipment of the granulation production line. It has uniform discharge, high yield, large output, compact structure, reasonable layout, and small area, which can meet the requirements of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, feed and other granulation technology.

The material that meets the requirements of the granulator for granulating moisture (generally 15%) is conveyed to the double roller granulator through a belt conveyor, and the material is squeezed into a specific shape by the extrusion molding of the counter-roller granulating motor static roller The shape of the model is sent to the next section through the belt conveyor below the pelletizer.
double roller granulator
The double roller granulator of Zhengzhou Huaqiang fertilizer equipment manufacturer has its own unique advantages by virtue of advanced processing capacity and technical level:
1. Advanced technology, stable quality, this type fertilizer granulation machine developed for the calcination characteristics of ceramsite The machine has won unanimous praise from customers.
2. The production efficiency is high, and the ball formation rate is over 90%.
3. Uniform discharge. The ceramsite produced by the pair of roller granulators is uniform in size, which can meet the requirements of the ceramsite rotary kiln for the size and shape of the ball.
4. The equipment runs smoothly and has low noise. At the same time, it adopts a sealed cover to receive materials. The work site is clean and tidy, which reduces the labor intensity of labor workers.