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The process and advantages of using a roller extrusion granulator to produce fertilizers

  Organic fertilizer extrusion granulator is an important granulation equipment for compound fertilizer production line. Following are the advantages of twin roll extrusion granulator.
1. The double roller granulator granulates at room temperature, without excessive pretreatment of raw materials.
2. The double roller granulator is easy to use and requires less investment.
3. The double roller granulator operates stably and saves electricity.
4. The design of the twin-roll extrusion granulator is reasonable. Easy to maintain and replace accessories.
5. The double roller granulator has a wide range of applications, and the granulation intensity can be adjusted freely according to different materials.
6. Reduce powder waste and packaging costs.

The double roller granulator belongs to dry granulation, without drying process, high granulation density, good fertilizer efficiency, and full organic matter content. It saves the cost of purchasing dryers and coolers, and does not need to burn coal later, which saves a large part of the money. The size of the extrusion force can be adjusted by the hydraulic pressure, and the operation is flexible. It is suitable for npk fertilizer production line, medicine, chemical industry, feed and other industries. The design is reasonable, and it can be used in conjunction with corresponding equipment to meet the continuous production of the production line.

There are many types of granulation equipment, and different equipment solutions need to be formulated according to different materials and production capacity. Welcome to contact us for specific information. Organic fertilizer granulator is an important machine for the production of organic fertilizer and plays a very important role in the organic fertilizer production industry. Common organic fertilizer granulators on the market include: double roller granulator, rotary drum granulator, disc granulator machine, new organic fertilizer granulator, new two-in-one organic fertilizer granulator, flat die granulator, ring die granulator, all kinds of granulators have their own production characteristics, and the fertilizer granulator machine price vary.