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Technical requirements of extrusion granulation process of organic fertilizer

Generally, the application of extrusion granulation method is to achieve the maximum production capacity, and the treatment of raw materials, pre-treatment and post-treatment of granulation also need to be carefully considered.

Typical granulation process: raw material treatment, pretreatment, granulation, post-treatment and granulation products
fertilizer granulation machine
Technical requirements of extruding granulator for organic fertilizer
1. Particle size. Fertilizer granulation machine extrusion granulation, the use of powder materials are generally made by crushing.
2. Heat sensitivity. Materials are sensitive to temperature, and show different properties at different temperatures.
3. Thixotropy.
4. Viscosity.
5. Liquidity. In the granulation process of fertilizer granulation machine, whether it is wet granulation or dry granulation, the materials used are required to have good fluidity.

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