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Precautions for starting to use organic fertilizer granulation machine

Organic fertilizer granulation machine is an important machine for the production of organic fertilizer, and also an important part of the establishment of organic fertilizer production line. There are many points to pay attention to when using organic fertilizer granulator for the first time. If d family doesn't pay attention, it is easy to cause damage to the organic fertilizer granulator. What should be paid attention to when the organic fertilizer granulator is used for the first time? Let's give you a detailed explanation.
Precautions for starting to use organic fertilizer granulation machine
When using organic fertilizer granulation machine for the first time, we must pay attention to the following four points:

1. All parts of the new organic fertilizer granulation machine have not been run in, which may cause jamming. Operators need to heat up the equipment for the first time. First, raise the temperature to pull the motor triangle belt by hand until it is free. Connect and pull the motor according to the normal operation option for 8-10 times, and gradually increase the temperature, which takes about 40-50 minutes.

2. In addition to the preliminary temperature regulation, the organic fertilizer granulation machine still needs to continue heating after starting up to supplement heat. At the same time, it should be adjusted to different temperatures according to different properties of materials.

3. During normal operation, the temperature of the fertilizer granulation machine should be kept stable, and it should not be high or low. The temperature near the vent hole until the head part should be kept at about 200 degrees. At this temperature, most materials can be treated well.

4. During shutdown, the operator should completely cut off the power supply, and take down the parts with spanner on the head of the equipment, and wait for the next time to warm up separately.