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Production of organic fertilizer-inorganic fertilizer compound fertilizer by waste composting

 Domestic garbage is a breeding ground and breeding ground for various pathogenic microorganisms.If it is not treated for a long time,it will not only invade a large amount of land,but also cause various pollution to the soil and human living environment.Although the garbage is complex in composition and varies in thickness,it contains a large amount of available organic matter and trace elements.The fermented waste is made into organic fertilizer,and its fertilizer effeciency and benefit are better than direct application.So how to turn waste into treasure to use?
First,the garbage is sorted to remove inorganic substances and large pieces of impurities that cannot be fermented and the remaining materials are harmlessly treated by high temperature composting to produce compost with higher maturity,and then subjected to a series of post-treatments,such as:screening,wind selecting and magnetic sepaaration,further made into a variety of organic-inorganic special compound fertilizers sitable for different crop types.These process can get more effecient if we use the fertilizer machine.By using the fertilizer screener machine,fermentation machine ,fertilizer dryer and fertilizer cooler you can save time and labor cost.
We are professional making fertilizer machine in China,and we can design the machine according to your needs.If you have a factory and they will produce a lot of waste and you don't know how to solve them,you can chooes the fertilizer machine to make it turn the tresasure and you can reuse.