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The correct use of organic fertilizer

The organic fertilizer manufacturing process is more mature and the organic fertilizer granulator,which is produced by the fertilizer granulator machine are also high quality.Using the new type organic fertilizer granulator improve the using  rate of the organic fertilizer. 
What are the measures for rational fertilization?
(1) Fertilization due to soil. Soil is the basis for crops to survive. The soil fertility varies from region to region. The nutrient content of the various nutrients varies greatly. Therefore, fertilization must be based on the soil fertility, and the soil can be fertilized to meet the crop. Normal growth and development.
(2) Fertilization due to crops. The demand for nutrient elements in different crops is different under certain target yields. Therefore, when fertilizing, the high-yield and high-quality effects can be achieved only when the crops are fully met.
(3) Balanced fertilization. Different nutrient elements have different physiological functions, but they are equally important and different. Therefore, fertilization must meet the needs of crops for a large number of elements, while ensuring the absorption of medium and trace elements by crops.
The need for nutrients.
(4) Combined application of organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer: Organic fertilizer is a kind of complete fertilizer that can provide various nutrients needed for crop growth, and can improve physical, chemical and biological parts of soil, improve soil fertility level and chemical fertilizer. Profit
The rate of use, but the organic fertilizer contains lower nutrients and slower fertilizer efficiency, and the release time is different from the demand rate of each growth period of the crop. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with the application of chemical fertilizers to achieve an emergency and mutual complementation effect. Organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer
Application can not only meet the nutrient requirements of crops, but also improve soil fertility and keep the soil new.
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