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How to make the organic fertilizer granulator?

In the world market,the using of the organic fertilizer granulator.So the producing of the organic fertilizer using the fertilizer manufacturing technology is necessary.How to produce the organic fetilizer granulator using the  fertilizer machine?
In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,using the different type fertilizer equipment to be equipped to finish the fertilizer production process.Before producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we are first to choose the suitable raw materials to make the organic fertilizer granulator.When producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we can use the cow manure or chicken manure to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.Sometimes,the organic fertilizer granulator also can be produced by using the straw or other animal manure.
The production process of organic fertilizer production line:
1.After mixed fermentation of bacteria and fermentation raw materials,the composting machine is used in the fermentation process.
2.After ripening,the raw materials are crushed,screened and then transported to the pelletilizing workshop through the elevator.
3.The organic fertilizer is mixed by the raw material premixer and then enters the fertilizer granulator machine for pelletilizing.When producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we can use the disc granulator machine to produce the organic fertilizer granulator,sometimes the rotary drum granulator machine also can be used to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.
4.Next,the granulated organic fertilizer enters the granulator for rounding.
5.The particles after rounding reach the drying cylinder through the conveyor belt.
6.The dried particles are transported to the cooling drum through the conveyor belt for cooling.

7.The dust generated in the drying and cooling process enters the dedusting equipment through the induced air for dedusting.
8.The cooled particles are transported to the dispersing equipment by the conveyor belt.
9.Then the dispered organic fertilizer particles arrive at the quantitative packaging equipment through the conveyor belt for packaging,and become the finished organic fertilizer.
There are many types of organic fertilizer production equipment in the above in the above process,such as disc granulation equipment,drum granulation equipment,roller press granulator machine etc.When selecting the equipment,the organic fertilizer plant should consider its own plant scale,expected annual constant,raw material type etc,select the most suitable equipment to ensure the benefits of the organic fertilizer plant to the greatest entent.
fertilizer granulator machine
As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we are not only can design and produce the organic fertilizer production line to produce the organic fertilizer granulator,we also designed other type fertilizer production lines to produce the fertilizer.Although the organic fertilizer have many advantages,it also needs to be used in a moderateable.The npk fertilizer production line is also designed for producing the npk ,compound fertilizer granulator.More other organic fertilizer machine and inorganic fertilizer machines are designed to produce the organic or inorganic fertilizer.