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Fertilizer Manufacturing Process

Organic fertilizers were collected from full-scale compost factories.These factories treat organic matter from animal manure and other agricultural organic residues. These factories produce approximately 5000-150000 tons of commercial organic fertilizer per year.
fertilizer production machine
Fertilizer mixer machine, fertilizer blender equipment for organic. Horizontal fertilizer mixer machine is a new-generation fertilizer equipment.
Fertilizer granulator machine to be designed and used in different type fertilizer manufacturing process to produce the fertilizer into granulator.Like the rotary drum granulator machine to be used in organic fertiizer manufacturing process or npk fertilizer production line.The double roller granulator machine to be used in the npk,compound fertilizer production line to produce compound fertilizer granulator using the extrusion method.More other type fertilizer granulator machine to be designed and used in the fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the production process.
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