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Organic fertilizer manufacturing process project(Third)

 Using the fertilizer manufacturing process to make the organic fertilizer granulator on one hand it improves the granulator quality,on the other hand,it also improves the working efficient.But,using the fertilizer machine,we also need to notice that the maintain of the fertilizer machines after using.In this article,we share how to maintain our machine after using it.
In a complete organic fertilizer manufacturing process,producing the fertilizer granulator,it is important that using the fertilizer granulator machine to make the granulator.So when we using the fertilizer granulator machine we need to notice that after finishing producing the organic fertilizer ganulator,we also need to maintain the fertilizer machine on time.So taking the fertilizer granulator machine as an example to inllstrulate how to maintain the machine.
1. When not working, we should remove the rusted or damaged parts of the organic fertilizer granulator, especially the motor, reducer, conveyor belt, transmission chain, etc., and store them indoors, and separate them according to the machine category. Squeeze and deform or damage each other.
2. Firstly remove the dirt and debris from the outside of the organic fertilizer granulator machine; clean and lubricate all the bearings; cover the friction surface with paint, black oil, waste engine oil and other anti-corrosion agents.
3, the organic fertilizer granulator placed in the open air, should be flattened or erected parts that are easy to deform, to eliminate the factors that cause deformation, spring-supported should relax the spring.
Do a good job in the maintenance of the organic fertilizer granulator to ensure that its service life will not be affected.
As a professional fertilizer machine manufacturers,we design the fertilizer machines are high quality and if we can maintain the fertilizer machines on time,our machines can work for a long time.All the machines,it not in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it also include the bio fertilizer production and other fertilizer production line.