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Organic fertilizer equipment

 Fertilizer equipment are designed for different type and they can be used in different type fertilizer manufacturing process.Every type fertilizer machines in different type fertilizer production line play a different role.Fertilizer production equipment plays an extremely important role in the production process of fertilizer.In the era of advocating organic cultivation,it is an important step for investors who want to invest in the organic fertilizer market to choose appropriate organic fertilizer machine.Here,we can understand the concept of different organic fertilizers,and then understand the different process modes that can be used for the production of commerical organic fertilizers,the production of organic fertilizers under the conditions of planting and breeding mode,and the producing of organic fertilizers in small-scale farms,as well as how to select the appropriate biological fertilizer production equipment under various modes.
fertilizer granulator machine
1.Organic fertilizer raw materials
According to the different raw materials and processing technology of organic fertilizer,it can be roughly divided into compost,retting manure,biogas fertilizer,green fertilizer,straw fertilizer and other organic fertilizers.Compost refers to a kind of organic fertilizer,which is composed of crop straw,manure and animal carcasses,rice husk,grass and a small amount of soil.The difference between retting and composing is the organic manure which is produced by fermentation under the condition of flooding,and the raw materials used are the same as compost.The raw materials used for manure are the manure of livestock and polutry and the bedding materials in the shed,which are made of compost.The raw material of biogas fertilizer is the same as that of compost.The process is the residual biogas liquid and residue after biogas production by anaerobic fermentation,which is the bi-product after biogas production.Green manure uses green plants as fertilizer.Straw fertilizer raw materials include corn,rice and other crop straws.Under suitable conditions,through the role of soil microorganisms,the elements in straw are mineralized back to the soil and absorabed by crops.There are other organic fertilizers,such as cake,sludge and so on,which can be processed into organic fertilizer through the organic fertilizer production line equipment.
2.Organic fertilizer production equipment
The complete organic fertilizer production line is composed of a variety of organic fertilizer machine.The key equipment is fermentation reactor and organic fertilizer granulator,which are divided into raw material preparation stage and finished product processing stage.

Organic fertilizer granulator
In the whole organic fertilizer production line,the organic fertilizer granulator plays an important role in the fertilizer production equipment.The raw materials of organic fertilizer change in this link and become commerical organic fertilizer.The quality and output of organic fertilizer particles are important embodiment here.Organic fertilizer particles are formed by binding organic fertilizer raw materials together with water as binder,and the amount of water directly affects the production efficiency.Theoretically speaking,in the mixing process of the mixer in front of the organic fertilizer granulator,if the amount of water added is small,the viscosity of the powder will be samll and the particles produced will be very small;otherwise,if the amount of water assed is large,the viscosity of the powder will be large and the particles produced will be very large.Of course,this also leaves us a lot of choices.We can choose the appropriate particle size of organic fertilizer according to the needs to meet the market demand.
Whe producing the organic fertilizer granulator,the fertilizer granulator machine is the factor equipment in the organic fertilizer production line.Different type fertilizer granulator machines are disgned for producing the organic fertilizer granulator and inorganic fertilizer granulator.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process to produce the organic fertilizer granulator,we can choose the rotary drum granulator machine,which this type equipment is designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator and inorganic fertilizer granulator.