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How to fertilize corn in summer?

In the summer ,when farmers who grow corn are busy,watering,planting and fertilizing,but the production of fertilizer technology and fertilization technology are improving.Is it still possible to grow corn according to the old technology?The answer is certainly no,and with the improvvement of planting technology,the corn planting is now contracted,planted in a few hundred acres and of course the technology will change.How do you change the law?Now you can see these suggestion that we supply for you.
Traditional fertilizer by summer marize growers has not met the demand.To increase yield and crop quality,different fertilization methods are needed.Let's first talk about the base fertilizer,the summer corn with the base fertilizer,generally the organic fertilizer and some chemical fertilizers are mixed and applied,and the effect of the concentrated ditch is best.Secondly,it is a kind of fertilizer.It is more difficult to apply base fertilizer to the plot of corn interplanting.It is possible to solve the problem of nutrient supply by applying seed fertilizer.A small amount of decomposed farmyard manure can be used as seed fertilizer or urea as seed fertilizer,but seed and fertilizer must be isolated to prevent injury.In addition,the period,frequency and quantity of topdressing and topdressing should be considered comprehensively based on factors such as the growth period.Phosphorus and potassium fertilizer have long-term effects,and the demand for corn is relatively large in the early stage.It can be applied as a base fertilizer or a seeding fertilizer.Findally,the application of nitrogen fertilizer,nitrogen fertilizer can be applied to the three-step topdressing method of light chasing seeding fertilizer,heavy chasing fertilizer and compensatory grain fertilizer:the seeding fertilizer accounts for 30% of the total topdressing amount,and is applied in the perioud from the fixed seeding,seedings nd strong stalks;panicle fertilizer accounts for about 50% of the total topdressing amount.In the large trumpete period of corn,it can make the ear more large;th grain fertilizer accounts for 20% of the total topdressing amount.It is applied during the fowering period to ensure the supply of nutrients in the late growth stage of corn and prolong the functional period of green leaves.This is the most effective and most suitable for fertilizing summer corn.
The complete organic fertilizer production line can help improve the production of producing the fertilizer. Using the fertilizer machine can improve the quality of the fertilizer,so that it can improve the production of the corn in summer.Now most fertilizer manufacturer are used to produce the organic fertilizer.Compared to the general fertilizer,the organic fertilizer have mmany advantages,such as the organic fertilizer is more environmental and longer fertilizer effect.
As the professional manufacturer of making fertilizer machine,we not only supply the orgaqnic fertilizer production line,we also supply the bio-organic fertilizer production line,BB fertilizer production line,npk,,compound fertilizer production line and rotary drum granulation production line etc .