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Organic fertilizer double roller granulator for normal temperature granulation

The double roller granulator can directly press dry powder into granules at room temperature. It can not only produce multi-element compound fertilizer based on compound fertilizer granulation such as ammonium bicarbonate, urea, ammonium chloride, ammonium phosphate and potassium chloride, but also be used for granulation of magnetic fertilizer and rare earth fertilizer. And no drying equipment is needed, and the strength of the particles is high. The fertilizer granulator is produced by non drying and normal temperature process and is formed in one time. The double roller granulator has the advantages of less investment, quick effect and good economic benefit. And energy saving, no three waste discharge, stable operation, reliable operation, convenient maintenance.

The technological process of the production line of fertilizer by double roller granulation: automatic batching system → fertilizer mixer → uniform feeder → roller granulator → screening machine → packaging machine.
Organic fertilizer double roller granulator for normal temperature granulation

The working principle of the organic fertilizer granulation machine is that the belt and pulley are driven by the motor and transmitted to the driving shaft through the reducer, and they are synchronized with the passive shaft through the split gear and work in the opposite direction. The materials are added from the feeding hopper, extruded by rollers, demoulded into balls, and transported to the crushing screen studio to screen and separate the finished particles (balls), and then the returned materials are mixed with the new materials, and then granulated.

Double roller granulator is suitable for granulation of organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, medicine, chemical industry, feed and other raw materials with high granulation rate. The improved counter roll is replaced by special steel, which is more corrosion resistant and wear-resistant. The organic fertilizer granulation machine can be used in one machine for multiple purposes, and the size of grain size can be selected according to the user's requirements, and can be used in the same type of skin rolling.