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Organic fertilizer composter can improve fertilizer quality and reduce cost

 The fuel consumption of a compost turning machine is very small. It can turn 500 cubic meters an hour. If you use a forklift to turn 500 cubic meters, how much time and fuel consumption will it take, and the effect It's incomparable to a dedicated turner. Therefore, buying a compost turning machine is the right choice to reduce costs and improve the quality of organic fertilizer products.

The width of the bar stack type fermentation stack is equal to the turning stack width of the machine. The stack height is as high as possible, and the length is as long as possible, such as 50 meters, 100 meters, etc., and the ground should be flat. Both cement and ground can be used (as long as it is flat and has a certain hardness. ). Every 10,000 tons of production requires 5-6 acres of space.

The area occupied by composting in fermentation tank will be relatively small. The trough type tipper has high yield and good fermentation effect. After fermentation by trough type turner machine or disc type dumper, the granules are processed by rotary drum granulator or extrusion granulator, and then the granules are smooth and compact by fertilizer coating machine.