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Non-polluting npk fertilizer double roller extrusion fertilizer granulator

The double roller granulator is the key equipment of NPK fertilizer granulation. It has advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, novel and practical, low energy consumption, and forms a small production line with the corresponding equipment. It can form a certain capacity of continuous production, mechanized production, no drying, room temperature production, and product rolling forming. The product quality meets the technical requirements of NPK fertilizer, and is high Medium and low concentration special NPK fertilizer, the latest product of energy saving and consumption reduction in NPK fertilizer industry.
Non-polluting npk fertilizer double roller extrusion fertilizer granulator
The application scope of the double roller extrusion fertilizer granulator

Capsule filling particles, pigments, detergents, catalysts, strontium carbonate, chemical fertilizers, silica, inorganic salts, chlorides, cyanic acid, pesticides, oxides, etc., as well as industrial recycled dust materials such as cast iron dust, lead, zinc, aluminum dust, converter dust, filter dust, grinding powder, etc., are molded under mechanical pressure without wetting agent to ensure the purity of products.

Advantages and characteristics of double roller extrusion fertilizer granulator

Extrusion granulation has the advantages of short production process, low energy consumption and large output. Direct granulation of dry powder does not need subsequent drying process, which is more conducive to the connection and transformation of the existing fertilizer production process. It has high particle strength and larger bulk specific gravity than other granulation methods. The fertilizer granulation machine is especially suitable for increasing the product accumulation ratio, large operation flexibility, wide application range and adjustable extrusion pressure.