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Key steps in organic fertilizer manufacturing process

 Producing the organic fertilizer granulator in organic fertilizer manufacturing process,sometimes choosing different type fertilizer granulator machine to finish the granulating process.However,there is one point need to be noticed some key point.
When producing the fertilizer granulator,the general using method include the wet granulation method and dry granulation method.The rotary drum granulator machine is usually to be used in organic fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the production process.
1.In the organic fertilizer manufacturing process,it is required that the materials have viscosity.Some materials are relatively loose after fermentation,so it is not easy to granulate.In this case,it needs to add some water or adhesive to increase the viscosity of the materials.In the process of granulation,water or binder will be added to ensure the smooth granulation of materials.The new organic fertilizer granulator adopt wet granulation,and the materials after fermentation can be granulated directly,without the operation of other processes.The roller press granulator machine is produced by non boring normal temperature process,which is suitable for the granulation of materials with low viscosity or low moisture content.
2.If the water content of the materials is too high,you can add some dry materials to neturalize the water content.If the water content is too low,water can be added appropriately,which is convenient for granulation.
rotary drum granulator
3.The new organic fertilizer granulatoris an organic fertilizer granulator that continues to be renewed and rebuilt with the development of agriculture,the improvement of technology and the diversity of demand.The new organic fertilizer wet granulator can realize the selection of materials.As long as all kinds of organics are effectively fermented,thet can be granulated by the new organic fertilizer granulator,breaking the limitations and obstacles of the traditional process.Before granulation,it does not need to stop the disposal,crushing and boring tasks of raw materials.It can directly realize the batching processing and direct granulation.It not only saves a small amount of power input,effectively reduces the cost,but also improves the task efficiency.
The designing of the fertilizer granulator machine is good for the production of the fertilizer granulator.Using different method to finish the production process of fertilizer granulator not only improve the working efficient,it also simplifies the granulating process of organic fertilizer.