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Method of increasing organic matter

The application of organic fertilizer to improve the soil organic matter level is a valuable experience of the working people in China in the long-term production practice. The main sources of organic fertilizer include: crop straw, green manure, manure, manure, compost, manure, cake fertilizer, silkworm, fish Fertilizer, mud, pond mud, etc.
1. Add organic manure
Compost, manure, cake fertilizer, manure and manure are good organic fertilizers. With the advancement of technology, organic fertilizer produced in commercial production has spread all over the production corner. Choosing organic fertilizer with good texture and good texture is a direct and effective way to increase soil organic matter. 
2. Promote straw returning to the field 
It is very effective to promote the mechanical smashing of corn stalks and returning to the field. After the crop is harvested, the straw is chopped, and the straw is returned to the soil without going through the pile of rot. Straw returning has a very obvious effect on promoting the formation of soil structure, fixing and preserving nitrogen and promoting the release of poorly soluble nutrients in soil. 
3, planting green manure
Green manure refers to the fertilizer that turns the still growing leguminous green plant into the soil. Planting green manure is a cultivation soil. Effective measures to increase yield, common green manures include saplings, saplings and wintering scorpions. Green manure can be planted in special fields, or in intercropping and intercropping, and then returned to the land.
In the banana planting area, densely planted grass crops, such as corn, can be used. After the corn grows to the adult stage, it is chopped and covered in the whole garden.
4. Application of organic and inorganic compound fertilizer 
Add organic matter to traditional large-scale elemental fertilizers, such as compound fertilizers or compound fertilizers to increase humic acid. In addition to supplying traditional nutrients, these new fertilizers can also supplement substances with improved soil function, and also for soil organic matter. A good compensation.
Producing different organic fertilizer always use different organic fertilizer equipment.Most of times,the disc granulator,rotarry drum granulator always used for producing organic fertilizer,and roller press granulator ,flat die granulator always used for producing compound fertilizer.What's more,the organic fertilizer equipment our company produced can be used for the two kind of fertilizer.