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How to choose the equipment of organic fertilizer granulator?

Now using the fertilizer manufacturing technology can make the organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer,and different type and series fertilizer machinne to be designed and used in different type fertilizer manufacturing process to make fertilizer.How to choose the organic fertilizer machine of producing organic fertilizer granulator?
In the field of organic fertilizer production,the fertilizer granulator machine can be said to be the beautician in the organic fertilizer production line.With the diversification of organic fertilizer raw materials,it also promotes the diversified developmed of the organic fertilizer granulator equipment.Therefore,the users of the organic fertilizer granulator machine must choose the equipment suitable for their own materials according to the use situation,so as to make the whole set of organic fertilizer equipment play the maxium efficincy.Today's professional organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers give you a detailed introduction of how to choose organic fertilizer granulator machine.
In order to diversify the current organic fertilizer materials for the organic fertilizer machine manufacturers,the following points should be done to analyze and select the granulation type of organic fertilizer from a professional perspective.
Fist of all,we need to know the models of organic fertilizer pelletilizer are and what their functions and advantages are.Take our company's reseatch and development of various pelletilizers,such as roller press granulator,stock transfer pelletilizer,disc granulator,new type organic fertiizer granulator,flat die granulator,ring die granulator,and rotary drum granulator and so on.their performance characteristics are different.About these granulator designthe advatages and features of the equipment can be detailed in the organic fertilizer granulator machine list page on the official website of the organic fertilizer machine.
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Secondally,after understanding the advantages and characteristics of the organic fertilizer granulator,we can select appropriate pelletilizer equipment according to our own investment in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process.For example,the raw materials for the production of organic fertilizer are widely used,such as sheep manure,pig manure,chicken manure,cow manure,straw,sweet potato seeding,alfalfa,rape straw etc.
In addition,according to the process requirements and standards of the organic fertilizer production line invested by yourself,such as the grain type,outpput,particle density and pelletization rate of the finished organic fertilizer products,you can select professional organic fertilizer machine manufacturers with high reputation to recommend the product configuration for you.