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How to apply organic fertilizer?

 Organic fertilizer to be produced by using the organic fertilizer machine which to be equipped in the organic fertilizer production line.The organic fertilizer contains many organic materials and it is useful for the growth of the plant.How to apply organic fertilizer?
The application of organic fertilizer into the soil layer is not easy to be deep,because organic fertilizer depends on its activity to decompose organic matter,and its activity must be realized under certain conditions of temperature,humidity,permeability and organic matter.However,too deep application will affect the biological fertilizer activity.Therefore,bio organic fertilizer should be applied 10-15cm blow the surface.
Simple to introduce the equipped organic fertilizer machine to be equipped in the organic fertilizer manufacturing process:
When producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we are first to ferment the raw materials using the fermentation compost turner machine,using the fermenting technology to kill the bacterial in the raw materials.And then using the fertilizer mixer machine and fertilizer crusher machine to deal with the raw materials.Next to use the fertilizer granulator machine to make granulator.In the organic fertilizer production process,we can use the disc granulator or the rotary drum granulator machine to produce the organic fertilizer granulator.Besides in the line it also is equipped with other series fertilizer machine,including the fertilizer dryer machine,screener machine and so on.
Organic fertilizer should not be mixed with single chemical fertilizer.Single chemical fertilizer will affect the biological activity of organic fertilizer if it is applied in large amount because of its single composition and different acid-base degree.Therefore,organic fertilizer shpuld be applied separately.
organic fertilizer production line
The proportion of organic fertilizer,farm manure and diammonium phosphate compound fertilizer should be reasonable.The principle of applying biological fertilizer should be high quality,organic fertilizer should be mature,and chemical fertilizer should have all elements.Hole application of organic fertilizer is more important,especially for eggplant and fruit vegetables.
Besides the organic fertilizer granulator can be produced by using the different type organic fertilizer machine or the organic fertilizer production line.The npk,compound fertilizer granulator also can be produced by using the roller press granulator machine to finish the npk fertilizer production process.
The video of the organic fertilizer production process:
Even if some bio fertilizer and micro fertilizer are applied,it is difficult to play a role quickly due to the influence of temperature,humidity,air permeability,organic matter and other conditions,coupled with the weak root of seedings.If bio organic fertilizer is applied in the hole,on the one hand,it can promote the active soil,improve the permeability of the soil,and promote the rapid growth and development of the root system;on the other hand,it can alleviate the lack of nutrients due to the lack of maturity of organic fertilizer and decomposition of chemical fertilizer,timely supply the root system nutrients,and provide a good growth ennvironment for the root system.
As the professional fertilizer machine manufacturer in China,we designed and produced many new series fertilizer machines to be equipped in different type fertilizer manufacturing process to finish the production process of all types of fertilizer granulator.After finishing the fertilizer,the apply is also important.Suitable to apply organic fertilizer can improve the fertility of the soil.