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Granulator machine of organic fertilizer with extrusion method

Features of the fertilizer granulation machine:
There are many kinds of granulators to make organic fertilizer granules, such as Disc pan granulator, Rotary drum granulator machine, Double roller granulator, but Ring die system granulator machine is becoming more and more popular. Why?That's because the Ring die organic fertilizer making machine has many advantages.
1) High rate of Finished product. More than 90%.
Granulation rate can reach as high as 100%, all the raw material can be made into round ball granules.
One-time production of uniform spherical granules, few returning materials.
2) Uniform spherical granules, Narrow particle size distribution.
The diameter of granules can be controlled easily. Different sizes of granules can be produced to meet your own needs as long as you change the diameter of the ring die.
3) Good hardness, strong enough for packaging.
The granules will keep the round ball shape in the storage and transportation process, won't collapse, that's because the granulator machine has a good compressive capacity.
4) Easy operation and maintenance.
Labor does not need skill or experience. Just need to adjust the moisture content of raw material before granulation process.
5)Not need binder materials.
The organic content can reach to 100%, which is really pure organic material granulation.
6) Save energy consumption.
Not need to dry the raw material before granulating because the required moisture content is 30-35%.
Moisture content reduced during granulation process, soit can save drying costs.
7) Running stable, High efficiency, Large productivity.

Extrusion granulation
Extrusion granulation is a dry granulation process that uses pressure to agglomerate solid materials. When the solid materials are squeezed, the air between the powder particles is first removed to rearrange the particles to eliminate the gaps between the materials. When the brittle material is squeezed, part of the particles are crushed, and the fine powder fills the gaps between the particles. In this case, if the free chemical bonds on the newly generated surface can not be quickly saturated with atoms or molecules from the surrounding atmosphere, the newly generated surfaces will contact each other and form a strong recombination bond.

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