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Granulation technology of compound fertilizer produced by rotary drum granulator

The most difficult thing to master in the production of compound fertilizer is the formula and granulation technology. The decomposition temperature of urea is low, the solubility is high, and it is very sensitive to water, temperature and other process indicators. The rotary drum granulator overcomes many unfavorable factors in the granulation process of the disc granulator, such as the batching, particle formation rate, particle strength, output, labor intensity, dust in the granulation workshop, and cost. It is the first choice for the production of high-concentration compound fertilizer granule equipment.
rotary drum granulator
The process of compound fertilizer production line of rotary drum granulator is as follows: raw material proportioning → mixing → crushing and caking → rotary drum granulation → stage screening → particle drying → particle cooling → stage screening → finished particle coating → finished product quantitative packaging.

The main advantage of the rotary drum granulator is that it uses steam to heat the humidity, which increases the temperature of the granulated material itself, reduces the granulation moisture, reduces the load of the dryer, and improves the work efficiency. The pelletizing rate of the drum pelletizer can reach 70%, and the equipment is easy to operate, flexible in work, and easy to maintain.