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What should we pay attention to when applying fertilizer mixtures?

 All types of fertilizer granulator are produced by using the fertilizer manufacturing process,and using the fertilizer machines to make the fertilizer is a new technology to be designed .Using the fertilizer producing method is not only require that the new technology,it also require that the fertilizer machine manufacturers can design the machines which are suitable for producing the fertilizer granulator.And after producing the fertilizer granulator,we also need to be noticed these problems when we using them.
fertilizer granulatornpk compound fertilizer
When we using the fertilizer mixtures,we should notice:
1.After fertilizer mixing,the physical properties of fertilizer can not deteriorate,so as to facilitate the application.
2.The nutrients in thee mixed fertilizer shall not be lost.
3.If the difference of fertilizer granules during mixing causes the uneven distribution of nutrients due to the uneven size of fertilizer granules during storage,transportation and fertilization,it is impossible to mix.
4.Fertilizer mixing should be conducive to improving fertilizer efficiency and efficacy.
Different type fertilizer granulator can be mixed to be used after making the fertilizer granulator using the fertilizer granulator machine or fertilizer powder.But wehn we mix using them when we know more knowledge about the fertilizer,we can make the fertilizer effect taken the best advantages.