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Organic fertilizer equipment is beneficial to the organic fertilizer production and manufacturing

With the continuous development of technology, the chicken manure organic fertilizer process gradually entered our lives, it is an indispensable processing equipment in the breeding industry.
Organic fertilizer equipment is beneficial to the production and manufacturing of organic fertilizer, and helps to improve the organic fertilizer production efficiency.
Organic fertilizer Machine exhibits the following characteristics:
1.Sturdy body with a non-complex inner structure and simple operation.
2.Light weight, easy to operate and maintain no special training is required to operate it.
3.Granules produced are even shaped, have smooth surface, high in strength and good liquidity.
4.Full load resistant without shut down.
5.Low energy consumption.
6.The nutrient value of the raw materials does not get lost during the production of the granules from the powdered raw material.
7.Reduces fertilizer production cost and increases yield.
double roller press granulator
Fertilizer granulation machine series are to be designed fertilizer can be made into granulator and powder.Different type fertilizer are to be designed in different type fertilizer manufacturing process.The fertilizer granulator are to be designed and used to finish the granulation process,so the organic fertilizer granulation machine are to be designed and used to finish the production process.There we share more information about the fertilizer granulator machine type.

The fertilizer granulator machine also included the flat die granulator machine,new type organic fertilizer machine,and double roller granulator machine to be deisnged and used.Some other organic fertilizer machine or other series fertilizer machines are to be designed for different type.