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Fertilizer machine---cooler and dryer

Usually,in the process of the fertilizer production line  working,in some syeps have many details need to be noticed.For example,the fertilizer dryer and the fertilizer cooler machine.Today,as the professional manufacturer of making the fertilizer machine,we will tell you the details.
Granular fertilizers produced by granulators generally contain 6%-16% moisture and usually require drying to meet storage and handling requirements. After the compound fertilizer is dried, the temperature is still high. If it is not cooled, the package will cause agglomeration and affect the product quality. Cooling equipment must be installed in actual production, and ventilation measures should be taken to force cooling.
At present,the commonly used drying equipment is rotary dryer with direct heat transfer.The rotary dryer is a tilting horizontal rotary cyclinde,and structure of the support device,the transmission device,the cyclinder and the seal of the inlet and oulet boxes is basically the same as that of the spary granulation dryer.
Rotary cooler:
After the dried granular fertilizer enters the cooling machine from the feeding pipe,it flips with the rotation of the cyclinder.Similar to the drying machine,there is a lifting type copying plate in the cyclinder,which is a material uniformly spreaading downard to form a curtain.The cooling air sucked into the head enters the machine and is in countercurrent contact with the material for heat exchage to cool it.The cold air takes the heat from the fertilizer out of the system and drops it below 40 degrees.During operation,some of the particles are often brken due to material friction,and fine-grained composition is slightly increased before cooling.