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Why to fermentate the livestock manure?

With the large scale development and intensification of the livestock industry,the amount of livestock manure is increasing.Because the livestock manure carries a large number of pathogenic bacteria,it is perishable and odorous,causing serious environmental pollution.The technology of polutry manure fermentation has ecome one of the most important methods in the reduction,harmlessness and resource utilization of livestock manure.Fermented polutry manure can not only effectively kill harmful pathogens and parsite eggs,but also increase effectively nutrients in poultry manure and increase plant yield.It is an ideal organic fertilzier for organic agricultural products.So why to fermente and how to fermente?
How to fermentate?
Now the technologh developed quickly,and we use the fertilizer machine to fermente the organic fertilzier is more efficient.The common using fermentation compost turning machine has the windrow compost turning machine,simple compost turning machine,double screws composting turning machine and hydraulic compost turning machine.
Why to ferment ?
The purpose of poultry manure fementation is as follows:Firstly,the livestock manure is degraded by microbial fermentation to obtain  high quality bio organic fertilzier,which also contains active organic matter,various organic acids,various amino acids and active biological enzymes;Secondly,in the process of comprehensive treatment of livestock manure,there is no secondary pollution.In addition to the lack of soild and liquid pollution,the most important thing is no odor pollution.Thirdly,the running cost is low,and the livestock manure passes.The processed product is fertilizer for agricultural products.