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The characteristics of the organic inorganic-compound fertilizer

 We have known the organic and inorganic fertilizer granulator,now,today we share the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer.What it is the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer?What characteristics of the fertilizer?Can we to make the fertilizer using the fertilizer manufacturing process?
Introduction of the organic-inorganic compound fertilizer
Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer refers to a kind of fertilizer which is made by adding inorganic fertilizer after fermentation and decomposition with by-product resources rich in organic matter,such as animal manure,animal and plant residues.It also refers to compound fertilizers containing certain organic fertilizers.The results shows that compared with the single application of organic fertilizer or inorganic fertilizer,the combined application of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer could cultivate soil fertility,improve fertilizer utilization rate,increase  crop yield and improve the quality of crop products,so it was an excellent fertilization system.This fertilization method can complement each other in length,promote each other between organic and inorganic,combine nutrition and soil improvement,not only promote organic by inorganic,but also preserve inorganic by organic,reducing the loss of fertilizer nutrients.Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer not only contains a large number of nutrients,but also contains trace elements,as well as physiological active substances,with long fertilizer effect and good effect.Sometimes,the organic-inorganic fertilizer can be produced by the organic fertilizer manufacturing process and the npk fertilizer production line,and then mixing them together.
organic fertilizer manufacturing process
The main features of the organic-inorganic fertilizer:
1.The nurtrient supply  is balanced and the fertilizer utilization rate is high.Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer contains both chemical and organic matter,and it has more comprehensive properties than inorganic fertilizer and organic fertilizer.It can not only realize the balance of nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium and nutrients in general inorganic fertilizer,but also realize the organic-inorganic balance.Organic-inorganic compound fertilizers are quick-acting nutrients derived from inorganic fertilizers.Due to the adsorption of organic fertilizers,the efficiency of organic fertilizer is slower than than that of general inorganic fertilizers,which overcomes the shortcombing of excessive efficiency of general inorganic fertilizers.Among them,organic fertilizers ca be used by crops only after microbial decomposition,which belongs to sloe-acting nutrients and can ensure the sustainable supply of organic-inorganic compound fertilizers.

2.Consideration should be given to soil improvement,fertilization and nutrient suipply.It is difficult to improve soil organic matter and physical and chemical properties by applying inorganic compound fertilizer only.Although organic fertilizer has great effect on improving soil physical and chemical properties,it has a large amount of application,high labor cost,slow fertilizer efficiency and insufficient nutrient supply in the early stage of crops.Organic-inorganic compound fertilizer has both the function of land nourishment.Because organic-inorganic compound fertilizer usually contains 20%-50% organic fertilizer and a considerable amount of organic matter,it can improve the physical and chemical properties of soil.
3.It has physical regulation function.The organic-inorganic compound fertilizer itself contains  or its organic matter can be decomposed to produce a certain number of phsical active substances.In addition,organic-inorganic compound fertilizer can enhance the number and activity of microorganisms in soil,which is conducive to nutrient cycling in soil.In addition,organic acid produced by organic matter decomposition also has obvious activation efffect on phosphorus.
Now,with the development of the technology,more fertilizer machines and fertilizer production lines are designed for different type fertilizer.The fertilizer machine manufacturers are also designing new fertilizer production lines for different customers producation requirement.Any fertilizer machine problem or fertilizer producing problem you can leave a message for us,we will reply you as soon as possible.