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Equipment configuration and price of a powdered organic fertilizer production line


The commercial project of organic fertilizer not only conforms to economic benefits but also includes environmental and social benefits that are in line with policy guidance. Converting organic waste into organic fertilizer can not only generate substantial profits but also prolong soil lifespan, improve water quality, and increase crop yield. So how to convert waste into organic fertilizer and how to carry out organic fertilizer business are crucial for investors and organic fertilizer producers. We will discuss the budget for organic fertilizer production equipment here.

For friends who are preparing to invest in the production of organic fertilizers, how to choose high-quality, cost-effective organic fertilizer production equipment is definitely a concern for you. You can choose the appropriate equipment according to your actual production needs:

The price of a set of powdered organic fertilizer production line equipment will increase or decrease according to different production capacity sizes. The process of the powdered organic fertilizer production line is simple, the investment equipment cost is low, and the operation is simple.

1. Composting: Tank type tipping machine - Organic raw materials are regularly flipped through the tipping machine for stacking operations.

2. Crushing: Vertical bar mill - used for crushing compost. By crushing or grinding, the blocky substances in compost can be decomposed to prevent problems during packaging and affect the quality of organic fertilizer.

3. Screening: The drum screening machine screens out unqualified products, improves the structure of compost, enhances the quality of compost, and is more beneficial for subsequent packaging and transportation.

4. Packaging: Automatic packaging machine - a powder organic fertilizer that can be commercialized and sold directly through weighing and packaging. Generally, the individual packaging quantity is 25kg per bag or 50kg per bag.

5. Supporting equipment: Forklift silo - used as a raw material silo in the fertilizer processing process, suitable for loading materials with forklifts. It can achieve uniform and uninterrupted output during discharge, thereby saving labor and improving work efficiency. Belt conveyor - can be used for conveying crushed materials in fertilizer production, as well as for conveying finished fertilizer products.

In fact, after crushing and screening, compost becomes a high-quality and marketable powdered organic fertilizer.